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We are like a huge family here, we are very close to each other. Every day you meet new people, you make new friends, and the teachers here are just very open-minded and they care about you and your progress.


from Reunion Island
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Wesleyan College is where you will find friendly and dedicated professors and staff. Students are paired with academic advisors who support them in completing their academic schedule. During the admission process, students can expect updates on their admission file, quick responses to questions, and a warm welcome to Wesleyan.

Li Xing

from China
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For me, the best part of the university has been the independence I gained and what came with that. Living on my own, buying my own food, and just making my own decisions was an essential part of my character growth in the past two years. I am a much more confident person in so many ways, and much happier and more content with what I am doing in life.


from USA
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I am working in China at an outdoor training company. I enjoy my work and life here in China, my course at Chichester provided me with skills and positive attitudes to work with people from different backgrounds. I hope to see more English graduates working abroad, and also more Chinese students can study sport at Chichester.


from UK
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