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I feel that I have made the best choice - especially because of the technology-infused learning. I love the way the course is taught using a multimedia approach, and the fact that it has access to a whole online library, which we can use to read for tutorials and research assignments.


from Iraq
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For me, the best part about studying at FM was that I really connected with my inner passion. I recognized how much I love studying about marketing and how I developed an interest for the stock market. Plus, I’ve never been so motivated to achieve my dream and that is possible now due to the fact that I met the best professor I ever had, Mr. Laurence K. Zuckerman. He is my idol, my motivation and a person I look up to for guidance. This is what FM offers. It's not just good academics but a good relationship with your professor, which is important and people tend to neglect it.


from Pakistan
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I believe Griffith has the best environmental science research in the world with a reputation to match. Griffith’s support services were really helpful for me. All of the available support services were a part of the smooth start to my studying in Australia journey.


from Thailand
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Meet the Jørgens

Three Norwegians. All from the same university. All studying information technology at NMIT, and all named "Jørgen". The trio spent an adventure-filled semester in the Nelson Tasman region and loved it.

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Colby-Sawyer College has taught me many valuable lessons that help me grow both intellectually and personally as an individual. One of the best lessons I learned here is to respect others’ opinions on different matters. Due to the diversity on the campus, students have different perspectives on various issues, which sometimes may cause conflicts. Nevertheless, I learned that we do not necessarily need to agree to disagree; instead, I see conflicts and differences as learning opportunities that enhance my knowledge regarding different cultural values and beliefs.

My favorite place to hang out on campus is the dining hall. It is a great spot to hang out with your friends after classes, grab some snacks, or even just to refresh yourself with a cup of tea.


from Vietnam
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