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There are many other Vietnamese students here at FMCC. We usually share with each other our experiences and learn together. FMCC is professional, sociable, and helpful. We have a lot of interesting activities and clubs such as the basketball club, karate club, American Sign language club, etc.

Specifically, the tuition fee is affordable for all students. Plus, the weather is beautiful. and the atmosphere is fresh.

Watch Tan's video.


from Vietnam
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While I initially chose to study at Roehampton because it was the only school in the world with my master’s programme, I have found so much more through the university. I have gained practical experience doing fieldwork in local communities and received guidance from seasoned professionals from all over the world. ROE has given me opportunities to network with experts in my field and to present my work at international conferences.


from USA
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My friends and the teachers I've met at GELI were the main reason I wanted to study English. They always encourage me to speak English without being shy. I wasn't confident because I thought my English wasn't good, but no matter whether my English was good or not, I always tried to make a conversation with friends and teachers.


from South Korea
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When it comes to student satisfaction, UNE is the first name you can think of among the best universities in Australia. UNE has given me every sort of opportunity to polish myself in academic skills, support for my research activities, the platform to showcase and share my culture with native people and with other international communities. Here, I always feel confident, which supports my motivation to accomplish any sort of task.


from India
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Over the past year, I've had a wonderful experience at SP Jain. Amazing professors, responsible school staff and excellent classmates - all of them help me to become a better person. In class, we've had more opportunities to speak up than in high school, enabling us to share ideas with each other via friendly debates; and the frequent presentations allow me to practise my presentation skills, pushing me to go out of my comfort zone.


from China
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I chose to study at Griffith University due to their flexible programs and highly educated and innovative faculty members. The highlight of my Griffith experience would be all the amazing people that I have met thus far; from the locals to international people from all over the world.


from Canada
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