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Study: The Major of Analytics and Informatics

The major of Analytics and Informatics provides in-depth training in multiple disciplines with qualitative skills (graphic presentation and information communication), quantitative skills (modelling and statistics), computing skills (business information, databases and programming) and business training (accounting, finance, economics and management).

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The orientation program was at the start of my program and was quite robust and very helpful, I got all the information I needed and that laid a good foundation for the smooth commencement of my studies. In addition, during my Master's program, I received ongoing support from the HDR advisor and also used the services of the student counselors, which I found to be very helpful. I have also received immense support from the academic staffs supervising my projects.


from Nigeria
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I heard about Colby-Sawyer College through the recruitment from the tennis coach and decided to come here because of the generous scholarship that the college offered. One thing that I enjoy the most here is my sports team because they are just like my family far away from home. The ballet class is my favorite class on campus because it gives me the chance to be back on a stage, something that I was always passionate about. And buffalo chicken wings are my favorite American food!


from China
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Studying at UniSA was my dream from high school. I had fun and felt relaxed here while in the process of becoming an outstanding professional. UniSA opened up a lot of opportunities from the placements I have had.


from Philippines
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