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Studying at Curtin University has been an extremely rewarding experience. Not only have I benefitted from the high-quality education, but also felt enriched through my participation in various extracurricular activities such as the John Curtin Leadership Academy and volunteering with Curtin Volunteers! Furthermore, via the Earn While You Learn program, I scored a job at Curtin International. In short, Curtin University has been a gateway to great experiences.


from Mauritius
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I chose to study at MIC because of the connections I had with the college. My home college, Gannon University, and MIC are already in the process of building closer ties through the Arts, Education, and Theatre Programmes. As I am a theatre actor, I always appreciate the worldly opportunities that can be pursued abroad. I value studying in a different country because of all the new outlooks on things I thought I already knew!


from USA
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All the professors know students at a personal level, which makes it easier in the teaching-to-learning method and helps us understand the subject material much more easily. Also, the internship opportunities, lab works, and practical experiences give us a hands-on understanding of our classes. I am learning so much about the nursing profession. I am also learning to open up myself in discussions because our classes are highly discussion-based which makes learning interesting.


from Nepal
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The amazing health facilities available to Griffith students provide ideal learning environments for hands-on experiences. I have particularly loved attending anatomy practicals in the G40 building. Getting to work with cadaveric material has definitely helped so much with solidifying the knowledge gained in lectures. Truly an experience like no other!


from Canada
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I love to travel, which is why I chose to pursue a degree in hospitality. I also wanted to study in Canada to experience the diversity of education and culture in the West. Royal Roads University came highly recommended because of its outstanding reputation in the hospitality industry. And, as I found out, for good reason.

Small classes create an effective learning environment and enable instructors to provide one-on-one support.

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from China
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