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Hang's story


from Vietnam
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At first, I really couldn't adapt to such a strange and stressful learning model as I had to complete some quizzes and difficult essays within the specified time. After completing these assignments, I had to review the lecture notes to get prepared for the final exam.

Sometimes unprecedented learning patterns and language barriers made me feel helpless and stressful. But after some time, I found the shortcomings of my study and gradually found a learning method that was suitable for me.


from China
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I graduated at quite a young age from high school and I knew I wanted to study something medicine or biology related. However, I didn't want to start medicine just yet because I'm uncertain myself. I saw that Griffith is the only university that we didn't have to choose specific majors during Biomedical Science and keeps it pretty broad, rather 'specialising' only when continuing studies to a higher degree.


from Indonesia
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Natalja's story


from Germany
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