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Feedback from teachers and the university in general has been a huge motivational factor for me to continue wanting to achieve more and push on through. Also, one particular highlight was the industry experience internship I did in my undergraduate studies. I got to work at the Radio Metro radio station, which was a very valuable experience and super fun!


from Norway
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The Study Abroad team at my home university inspired me to study at UniSA. I have had so many great experiences here it’s hard to tell which one was by far the best. Every day here is a new adventure!


from Bulgaria
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Madison College is a perfect preparation step. The program is just the same as the University of Wisconsin-Madison, but the scale is smaller. I saved a lot of money... a better start at a less expensive, great-quality school.


from Vietnam
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I came to St. Norbert College to fulfill my life dreams. I wanted to major in international studies so I decided to come to St. Norbert College to make this career dream come true. It was the best choice I have made in my entire life.


from Tanzania
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I have really appreciated the support service at Griffith University. They have been able to manage everything I’ve needed carefully which has ultimately helped me progress through my degree smoothly. Both the student administration and the academic staff have provided guidance and support whenever I’ve needed it.


from Indonesia
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This is my last semester at Arizona Western College. AWC is where I placed my first step into the United States. This college has enhanced and encouraged me to keep pursuing my career. I have learned both academic and realistic lessons that I will never forget. I have met so many people here who are always ready to support students by any methods. I am going to leave but not without forgetting to bring everything it has given me. Arizona Western College is great.


from Vietnam
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I had a really great time here! I feel that I'm more confident with my English and also I met a lot of people. I enjoyed learning with some excellent teachers. I wasn't just focused on studying, I also was able to focus on my social life and learn about American culture in many ways, especially thanks to our field trips.


from Democratic Republic of the Congo
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During my first year at Griffith I was given the chance to complete an internship with the Commonwealth Games. Since it was a once in a lifetime opportunity, I made the most of it. I was able to learn so many new things, meet new people from different backgrounds and witness implementation of world-class technology that supported the staging of one of the most remarkable sporting events that Australia will host this decade.


from India
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