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My personal tutor, Dr Paul Youdell was exceptional. His unwavering support and understanding made it possible for me to achieve a distinction in my programme. Also, I enjoyed connecting and sharing cultural experiences with my fellow classmates from countries such as China, South Korea, Brazil, Norway, Egypt, and many others.


from Jamaica
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I chose the University of Bristol because it has a very prestigious programme of Public Policy. Also, the UoB is part of the Russell Group. This demonstrates that the UoB has a high interest in research, which so far has sharpened my research skills.


from The Dominican Republic
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I chose Chichester for many reasons, one of which was the nature of the campus - being rather small, you bump into friends all the time on your travels! I also love the SIZ and Learning Centre, as they provide a fantastic wealth of books and journals for any assignment I face. The lecturers on my course are all incredibly helpful and the friends I’ve made here are second to none. In all, I’d recommend Chichester to anyone!


from UK
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The programme was very interesting as it gave me an oversight of the vet profession. On one hand side, we had the opportunity to observe vets working in both large and small animal hospitals, to visit farms and stables so as to get the experience of working with farm animals, as well as visit the abattoir where we experienced the less pretty side of the profession.


from Cyprus
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Chichester is a lovely location, not much goes on and it becomes lively when the sun's out. What I like about studying here is that you feel connected with other people who study here. You'll find people similar to you and you all instantly become friends. When you arrive here, it can seem like another home to you, and your new friends are your new family.


from Sweden
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Coming from a metropolitan city without any large farms, I wanted to have the opportunity to work with farm animals and gain practical skills. I also wanted to get a feel for what the University of Bristol is like, and to see the Langford campus.

I really liked how we were given very varied experiences, from milking cows to visiting the abattoir.


from Singapore
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I like my course because it is quite flexible and diverse. It is not focused on just one subject but encompasses a great variety of areas that are of my interest. This course is perfect for me because it's directly related to what I want to pursue in the future.


from Bulgaria
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I’m glad I chose this university for its diversity. Thanks to the weekly events, you are able to make a lot of friends. Chichester University is a big family that is going to give you amazing memories that you are going to keep the rest of your life.


from Spain
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Psychology is a very interesting course. Lecturers give you the necessary tools to investigate more on the subject with recommended readings and colloquiums. Furthermore, University of Bristol gives you the opportunity to experience first-hand the elaboration of a psychological experiment with its Apprenticeship Scheme.


from Spain
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