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I went to the open day on 2015 and that was my first time been to Bristol. I remembered at that time my English is not as good as now but everyone that I met on the campus was so friendly and patient to listen to my questions. And this was one of the main reasons why I chose to study here.


from China
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Camilla's story


from Malaysia
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If you want to experience a vibrant student life like no other, in a city bursting with culture, fantastic people, and amazing architecture like no other Bristol is definitely the university for you. I have never felt as welcome to a new place as I did when I arrived at Bristol.


from Sweden
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Amogu's story


from Nigeria
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I chose Chichester to study Dance Research because the course gives me enough freedom to develop in the areas I am interested in. During my application time, I already got great support from the tutor of my course.


from India
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I chose to study English Literature at Bristol because of the exciting new curriculum which has more space for choosing our own modules and I have found that my tutors are very enthusiastic, knowledgeable about their subject and always ready to offer support or suggest further reading for topics that interest us.


from UK
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When I did my foundation course in the UK, I was really inspired by some old people who played Jazz in the pubs, they were not professional performers but they enjoyed what they were doing. I loved that atmosphere. In that moment I decided to study Jazz in the UK.

Chichester is one of the very few institutions that offer specialist Jazz courses, and I love their new music building.


from China
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