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My experience at AWC has been a very positive one. Professors and staff have been very helpful and caring. The city of Yuma has been very kind and welcoming. I have made many friendships who will last a lifetime.


from Equatorial Guinea
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COD gives you the freedom to take control of your choices. COD has given me the opportunity to study STEM classes at my own pace. This campus has opened my eyes to the world of higher learning.


from USA
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I especially love the teachers at WLHS because of their enthusiasm and friendliness. WLHS created chances for me to improve my English by offering me great teachers and helpful friends, who always help me out whenever I ask.


from Vietnam
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I came to Wesley because of the small campus and the small class sizes. My favorite thing about Wesley is that everyone is so friendly and there is always someone there to help you.


from USA
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When I decided that I was coming to the US, shamefully I was  lectured every day by family and friends to not go out, not make any friends or interact with the public for the fear of being victimized because I'm foreign. But the people, city, my classmates, the public, everything and everybody was as peaceful and friendly as they could ever be!


from Sudan
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At AWC, not only I am getting a high-quality education, I also get to meet a lot of cool people from different countries, which enables me to learn and appreciate the different cultures and expand my network. I am so glad I chose AWC.


from The Dominican Republic
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