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I chose CIS because I knew it would involve computer hardware and give me a high-level PC technician skillset. Today, I work with Wind Turbines all over the globe and I love every minute of it. I started as a Data Analyst and was promoted after 11 months which was a pretty big deal for having only my Associate’s degree.

Ken is a Data Engineering Specialist for GE Renewable Energy Onshore Wind Division.


from USA
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Leaving my Caribbean island to study in the States was a big move. After studying at a small community college in Missouri, transferring to Northwest was a bit nerve-wracking. However, I knew I wanted to become a Bearcat the day I did the campus tour. Now I am proud to say that my Northwest family will always have a special place in my heart.


from Curaçao
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Stop delaying your education for things that are out of your control. Once you have your degree, you are able to accomplish so much more in life, and no one can take that success away from you. FM is an awesome opportunity to get an education without putting yourself into a ton of debt. I am grateful to have started at FM.


from USA
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I had an extremely wonderful experience at Irvine Valley College. The professors and staff are all really friendly and willing to help students as much as they can. The campus is amazing and beautiful, it's not big, but that's the best advantage for students because we get more help and attention. The International Student Center is always there for me when I have a question.


from Russia
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I came from a city with 5 million people to a town with 11,800, and that can be a little challenging for some. However, if that town is Maryville, Missouri and the purpose is to study at Northwest Missouri State University, I am positive that it will be an interesting and pleasing time!


from Saudi Arabia
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