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The English program is a good opportunity to meet other people from different countries. I had the chance to learn English and adapt to life in the US faster. I've had a really good time here. I recommend other students to come and attend the English program too!


from Taiwan
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I chose Colby-Sawyer because of their great international community. It is a small college, so we get to connect with the professors personally. Also, class sizes are small, so we get to interact in the class, which helps in the learning process. My major is biology and I am learning molecular and microbiological skills. This is very important for being a biological researcher.

And my favorite ice cream flavor is chocolate!


from Nepal
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The Intensive English Program at UWM is great! It’s a good opportunity to improve your English skills. The program is rich in variety and multi-cultural; you meet people from all over the world. In addition, Milwaukee is a wonderful city with a lot of exciting leisure activities. I enjoyed it enormously!


from Germany
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I learned that I could find new passions and interests by taking classes that were not part of my discipline. Colby-Sawyer has a wide range of majors and minors for students to choose from, so I recommend current students to step out of their comfort zone to acquire new knowledge from other areas, which will be interesting in an unexpected way.

I liked to study or hang out on the Honors Suite. To be honest, I spent more time on the Honors Suite than in my dorm room.


from Vietnam
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For me, the best part about studying at FM was that I really connected with my inner passion. I recognized how much I love studying about marketing and how I developed an interest for the stock market. Plus, I’ve never been so motivated to achieve my dream and that is possible now due to the fact that I met the best professor I ever had, Mr. Laurence K. Zuckerman. He is my idol, my motivation and a person I look up to for guidance. This is what FM offers. It's not just good academics but a good relationship with your professor, which is important and people tend to neglect it.


from Pakistan
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Colby-Sawyer College has taught me many valuable lessons that help me grow both intellectually and personally as an individual. One of the best lessons I learned here is to respect others’ opinions on different matters. Due to the diversity on the campus, students have different perspectives on various issues, which sometimes may cause conflicts. Nevertheless, I learned that we do not necessarily need to agree to disagree; instead, I see conflicts and differences as learning opportunities that enhance my knowledge regarding different cultural values and beliefs.

My favorite place to hang out on campus is the dining hall. It is a great spot to hang out with your friends after classes, grab some snacks, or even just to refresh yourself with a cup of tea.


from Vietnam
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