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Maryville University - a second home and so far an incredible experience. Every day gives new opportunities to make new, long-lasting memories with faculty, staff, and other students. At Maryville I matter, I inspire, I get inspired, and I evolve. For each day that passes I see myself becoming more and more the person I aspire to be, and with the engaging staff and great diversity, there is always something to take away from each and every day.


from Gambia
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I heard about Colby-Sawyer College through the recruitment from the tennis coach and decided to come here because of the generous scholarship that the college offered. One thing that I enjoy the most here is my sports team because they are just like my family far away from home. The ballet class is my favorite class on campus because it gives me the chance to be back on a stage, something that I was always passionate about. And buffalo chicken wings are my favorite American food!


from China
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All the professors know students at a personal level, which makes it easier in the teaching-to-learning method and helps us understand the subject material much more easily. Also, the internship opportunities, lab works, and practical experiences give us a hands-on understanding of our classes. I am learning so much about the nursing profession. I am also learning to open up myself in discussions because our classes are highly discussion-based which makes learning interesting.


from Nepal
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I couldn't have imagined picking a better school to complete my studies. Maryville University is like a second family to me. From the staff to the faculty and students, Maryville gives me the tools to succeed both in the classroom and outside of it. I have become a leader in this community and it is all thanks to Maryville. Maryville is where the people make the difference.


from Canada
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I chose Colby-Sawyer College because it was the best option I had out of the colleges I was looking at. I was recruited by the tennis coach to play on the tennis team, and he certainly sent a great and enthusiastic email through the recruitment agency. So, to play on the tennis team was the first reason, and secondly - the ski pass to the local ski mountain was too hard to turn down!

My favorite place to hang out on campus would probably be in the game room with my friend. When I get the time we will play pool/table tennis and talk about our lives.


from UK
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