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Colby-Sawyer College has taught me many valuable lessons that help me grow both intellectually and personally as an individual. One of the best lessons I learned here is to respect others’ opinions on different matters. Due to the diversity on the campus, students have different perspectives on various issues, which sometimes may cause conflicts. Nevertheless, I learned that we do not necessarily need to agree to disagree; instead, I see conflicts and differences as learning opportunities that enhance my knowledge regarding different cultural values and beliefs.

My favorite place to hang out on campus is the dining hall. It is a great spot to hang out with your friends after classes, grab some snacks, or even just to refresh yourself with a cup of tea.


from Vietnam
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My best friend from high school, Yiwei, got an offer from Colby-Sawyer and decided to go. So I asked her why, and then she told me something I still remember after nearly 10 years, "I think I could really learn in a liberal art environment, instead of having parties all the time in a big university. I know that would be so much fun, but it is just not for me." By the time I saw the pictures of Windy Hill online, I knew that was where I should go.

My advice for future international students: when you think you can't make this, hang in there for a little bit more time. And my favorite food: ice cream!


from China
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COD gives you the freedom to take control of your choices. COD has given me the opportunity to study STEM classes at my own pace. This campus has opened my eyes to the world of higher learning.


from USA
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My dorm room is big and comfortable and the roommates are really nice and always help clean up. Over the holidays, the school usually organises long trips to places like NYC, museums, Six Flags Amusement Park, etc. During International Education week, we did a lot of interesting activities such as hosting a tea party. I did learn how to make tea and tried tea from other countries. On the weekend, the school takes us to play bowling!

Watch Thien's video.


from Vietnam
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International students bring a rich diversity of experience, perspective, and culture to the residence hall communities. Their presence enriches discussions, activities, and programs. We have also been lucky to have many talented international students join our staff of Resident Assistants, where they were able to have an even greater impact on students and the communities in the halls.

Mary McLaughin, Director of Residential Education

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