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When I first arrived in Australia, I didn’t know anything about this new place nor did I know anyone. The orientation ceremony held by Griffith helped me a lot to learn everything I needed to know for my studies. The friendly support staff and mentors made a huge impact on my positive start to being a Griffith student.


from Hong Kong
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The quality of the teaching staff is superb! My professors have first-hand experience in the fields they teach. They apply real-world problems in lectures to help students understand the theory.


from Canada
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Griffith's support services have helped me with something that I personally have struggled a lot with - socializing and making new friends. Moving entirely alone to a new country was very difficult for me to adjust to, especially because I had no friends here and nobody to turn to when I needed help. Through Orientation activities and several Griffith Mates programs (volunteering day-trips and the Buddy Program specifically) have helped me meet new people and make friends, some of which are in the same courses as I am.


from Canada
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There are two memories relating to my semester abroad that are really important: my Southeast Asia trip and my big trip to Australia with my friends from Germany.  In all, we took in Bali, Indonesia, Singapore and Thailand because to go there from Australia was relatively cheap. Then afterwards, I came back and I travelled around Australia with two friends from Germany for five weeks. Studying abroad made those experiences possible.

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from Germany
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I think that my first desire was to get outside of my comfort zone and have the experience of living by myself in a different country, with a different culture, with different people, be somewhere I don’t know anyone else and live an international student life – which is very, very challenging. This was my first thought, but after the first year, after settling, everything changed...

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from Brazil
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I learned all the academic differences between my country and Australia and had lots of opportunities to practise. Teachers and staff were friendly and provided excellent resources to study as well as extra student experiences. Additionally, it was a great place to make friends as all students had the same goal which was to improve their English skills and progress to University. We studied together and hung out together as well.


from South Korea
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