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Year 1 is one of the most helpful academic years that international students with different backgrounds will be facing at Royal Roads University. The way universities work in other countries is different to the way universities work in Canada. So it is extremely important that students absorb as much information as possible in Year 1 in order to maximize grades in the upcoming years, to improve the understandings on Canadian academics and culture, to engage with the community, and to better manage their time.

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from Brazil
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The best part of my time at here was to learn how to work in teams. For most of the assignments, we had to work in our team that was set up at the beginning of the term. Each of us developed an outlining understanding of the advantages and efficiency of teamwork. The class felt like family and I will never forget the close relationships and the positive atmosphere we had on campus.


from Germany
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One of the biggest competitive advantages of RRU, I believe, is its diversity. Not only the ethnic diversity but also professional diversity. My cohort of 30 odd students, allowed me to look at an issue with 30 different perspectives, which is fantastic knowledge wise. RRU’s professors are also very unique.


from India
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Most people would say reaching graduation is the symbol of success. But for me, it is the road that we take each day, with every stepbacks, every failure, every energy we give to push ourselves up to do it again makes the definition of my success more meaningful.

It is not the end, but it is my journey as a student in Royal Roads University that makes the most unforgettable memory of my lifetime.


from China
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