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I love to travel, which is why I chose to pursue a degree in hospitality. I also wanted to study in Canada to experience the diversity of education and culture in the West. Royal Roads University came highly recommended because of its outstanding reputation in the hospitality industry. And, as I found out, for good reason.

Small classes create an effective learning environment and enable instructors to provide one-on-one support.

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from China
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RRU helped me get a real-world learning experience. The multicultural and amazingly experienced cohort, brilliant faculty, research trips all along with fun not only helped me understand tourism from a global perspective but also gave me an opportunity to contribute to the academic world through my assignments and my final thesis. The experience at RRU was invaluable and I feel overwhelmingly lucky to have been a part of this academic journey.


from India
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At RRU, I learned about the importance of the environment and how it can be related to businesses, as the environmental problems have become very popular these days. I had the opportunity to go on a trip with my classmates to have fun and learn about the environment, that was maybe the best experience I had during this semester.


from Mexico
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Year 1 is one of the most helpful academic years that international students with different backgrounds will be facing at Royal Roads University. The way universities work in other countries is different to the way universities work in Canada. So it is extremely important that students absorb as much information as possible in Year 1 in order to maximize grades in the upcoming years, to improve the understandings on Canadian academics and culture, to engage with the community, and to better manage their time.

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from Brazil
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