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Manhattan College

Why study at Manhattan College? Read reviews by international students who share their reasons for studying at this Catholic college located 35 minutes away from the heart of Manhattan, US.

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20 June 2017

Your School of Engineering

For more than a century, Manhattan College’s engineers have dreamed up, designed and built New York City’s greatest structures and systems. All Jasper engineers begin with the basics and progress through a varied and advanced engineering curriculum by solving real problems in the labs using professional equipment and technology.

Your School of Engineering

From the USA

02 May 2017

What it’s like to send a child to Manhattan College?

Parents offer their perspective on what it's like to send a child to Manhattan College. Learn more about the academic, extracurricular and faith opportunities that await your son or daughter in Riverdale.

What it's like to send a child to Manhattan College?

From the USA

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