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from China

It was an easy decision to study in New Zealand. It is clean and safe and less expensive than other countries such as the UK and US. The AUT lecturers and tutors are passionate and very supportive. AUT also has free workshops we can attend to develop strategic thinking and get employability skills which becomes useful in the real world.

Sheila also has a Bachelor of International Hospitality Management and the AUT Certificate in Foundation Studies.

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from Cambodia

AUT lecturers are so helpful and approachable, and they helped me stay on track. Since AUT has strong industry relations, during my final year of study I was involved in new product development at a large New Zealand food company. I was able to learn every single part of the process from initial concept to the final prototype. AUT helps students to be ready to hit the workforce once they graduate, so with my knowledge and work ethic I’m going to change the world.

Veasna is now working as a Quality Control Technician.

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from Iran

What is fascinating about AUT is the constant interaction between the university and different New Zealand industries. Having scientists and researchers who are linked to businesses and industries is one of AUT’s greatest strength. I’ve had several opportunities to present my research nationally and internationally. I’ve also been involved in different academic activities, including lecturing, curriculum development, journal reviewing and book editing.

Sara's own ground-breaking research focuses on improving the aquaculture industry in New Zealand.

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from India

AUT is well known for being a creative university. In research, it’s important to have a team that supports your imaginative idea and help you turn it into reality. AUT is very supportive towards its international students in the processing of students’ visa applications. I’ve also had opportunities to participate in symposiums and interactive events, which is a great way to socialise and learn from others.

Lari is currently involved in a multidisciplinary research project that brings together AUT experts in bioengineering and drug delivery.

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from Philippines

My lecturers are extremely generous in imparting their knowledge and expertise. The papers aren’t limited to the theoretical aspects of the subject, but they enable us to go out into the field and apply what we’ve learnt through projects.

I had the chance to teach tutorials for a tourism paper, I worked as a research assistant and I got to present my research at the New Zealand Tourism and Hospitality Research Conference.

Learn more about Richard.

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from Sri Lanka

Coming all the way from Sri Lanka, I thought that it will be very difficult for me to adjust to the new environment/culture here. But to be very honest, NMIT as a whole has changed my mindset due to the friendly and warming attitudes the staff, students and the lecturers have extended not only to me but to my family as well, from the time we moved to Nelson.

If you are looking out for higher education consider NMIT, you will never regret it!

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from Russia

AUT was my first and final choice in terms of where to study. I wrote an email to the head of the event management department and he responded the following day, welcoming me and explaining all the steps I needed to follow. That was amazing. And then I applied for the Vice-Chancellor’s Doctoral Scholarship and got it. At AUT, every PhD candidate receives a research fund to cover research costs which was very helpful. AUT also has an outstanding library, and you can get any book or journal article.

Vladimir is now a lecturer in event management at the University of Derby in the United Kingdom.

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