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People often ask why am I studying business when am very much inclined to the arts and social sciences. To be honest, I ask myself that a lot too! Prior to going to SP Jain, I knew that there is a direct connection between creatives and business. Now I am convinced by the limitless possibilities of integrating my creative side with the more analytic and logical business field.


from Philippines
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Two years ago was the start of my life living away from home, afraid of what was to come. However, within 2 weeks of coming to SP Jain, I knew I made the right choice. I never felt alone or homesick because the staff and my friends became family. Here, we get the chance to fulfill our dreams through the different clubs we could form and activities we can participate in. I am definitely looking forward to the next two years in Sydney.


from India
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When I first came to Singapore, I was overwhelmed by this immense city, but as time passed I found myself growing up and taking care of my own life. I've built many new relationships, learned a practical and essential curriculum, and had many opportunities to visit attractions in Singapore through the school's global learning activities. I also got a part-time job which allowed me to cover my living costs here independently, and now I am doing an internship at Equinix- a US company based in Singapore.


from Vietnam
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I have not travelled outside Mexico before coming to SP Jain, and in one year I visited Indonesia, Philippines, England and Thailand, on top of being a resident in Singapore. Despite being a highly competitive school, the classes are intensive yet relaxed. One of the activities which I would like to highlight is the Overseas Community Project meant to help a primary school in very poor conditions. It really made a difference for the school and the students, because if there is a trait to success that remains forever, it is kindness.


from Mexico
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SP Jain turned my assumptions of a stereotypical university life upside down. They create a pro-socialising environment from the day you first apply, so there are plenty of chances for you to get to know your new best friend! They also take you around the 3 cities you will be living in, from visiting heritage museums to doing water sports activities. They can make the most simple activities meaningful.


from Indonesia
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At SP Jain, you'll learn a lot about business and culture in Singapore, Dubai, and Sydney. The lessons are highly interactive and the professors know everyone by name, which creates a unique atmosphere. The school also organises weekly trips, which can be a company visit or a team-building activity. The chance to obtain a bachelor's degree in 3 different countries (4 if you go on exchange!) is just fantastic.


from Belgium
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Over the past year, I've had a wonderful experience at SP Jain. Amazing professors, responsible school staff and excellent classmates - all of them help me to become a better person. In class, we've had more opportunities to speak up than in high school, enabling us to share ideas with each other via friendly debates; and the frequent presentations allow me to practise my presentation skills, pushing me to go out of my comfort zone.


from China
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After studying in Singapore with students from different nationalities, different ethnicities and different cultures, I realised that I want to work for a multinational company because I am getting more fascinated with globalisation and the interactions that will occur between cultures and societies. And my first academic year taught me that it is not necessarily about learning business in a foreign country, it has more to do with experiences and personal growth. I can barely imagine how much I will change by the time I graduate.


from Mongolia
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Having joined SP Jain - initially intrigued by the tri-city program - I realised only two years later how much more this institution has truly given me. I graduated from high school as the shy girl who preferred to work in the background and avoided the spotlight as much as possible, but SP Jain completely transformed me into a confident individual who is no longer intimidated by the idea of sharing her opinions with the crowd.


from India
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