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from Sweden

What separates Brighton from other universities is access to professors – you can ask them about anything you’re not sure about, and they’re very helpful and engaging if you have any questions or concerns.

I’m currently working as a summer intern for an investment bank in Sweden and both the placement I did and niche courses I studied really helped me to prepare.

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from Netherlands

The University of Brighton has such a nice environment and my teachers gave me practical tools that I could apply in the classroom straight away. Now that I’ve done my masters, I have knowledge about English teaching, which other Dutch primary school teachers don’t have, so in the future, I can combine teaching, which I love, with inspiring other teachers.

Brighton is a wonderful city, close to the sea and it’s really close to London too.

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from Spain

It’s been such a stimulating experience. You get to learn so much about yourself, and have access to tremendous amounts of knowledge and resources. The staff are always willing to help and do whatever they can to improve the student experience and your experience of living abroad and dealing with challenging situations.

It’s been a thrilling experience, an emotional roller coaster, but would not change it for the world.

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