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I've always been interested in theatre and performance. I have been learning tourism and hospitality in Japan, but I want to explore different areas of learning, and I hope I can have jobs in different areas in the future. I am pleased I can study theatre in Shakespeare’s country. Btw, I like the canteen food here.


from Japan
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What separates Brighton from other universities is access to professors – you can ask them about anything you’re not sure about, and they’re very helpful and engaging if you have any questions or concerns.

I’m currently working as a summer intern for an investment bank in Sweden and both the placement I did and niche courses I studied really helped me to prepare.


from Sweden
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When I did my foundation course in the UK, I was really inspired by some old people who played Jazz in the pubs, they were not professional performers but they enjoyed what they were doing. I loved that atmosphere. In that moment I decided to study Jazz in the UK.

Chichester is one of the very few institutions that offer specialist Jazz courses, and I love their new music building.


from China
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I like the British culture, football and many things here. I spent 5 years in England when I was in primary school. I am really pleased to have the opportunity to study at University of Chichester. I enjoy the small classes and I get great support from my tutors.


from Japan
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The University of Brighton has such a nice environment and my teachers gave me practical tools that I could apply in the classroom straight away. Now that I’ve done my masters, I have knowledge about English teaching, which other Dutch primary school teachers don’t have, so in the future, I can combine teaching, which I love, with inspiring other teachers.

Brighton is a wonderful city, close to the sea and it’s really close to London too.


from Netherlands
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